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To All Met Fans That Post In This Section....

Plax 4 Prez

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BuffBronco's, Nesta and the other Graphix MODS are looking to make custom signatures for whoever wants one... This will help support our sportswrath (which will help us thrive with more members), the Graphix section, GHX Mods, and look good to all the guests we get that are uncertain of joining... The more the merrier.. please take part, even if you already have a signature see what our GHX Mods can make to have your sigs. look sweat :TU:

here's where you put your requests in at -----> http://www.sportswrath.com/index.php?showforum=37

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The way this works is kinda like this... go to the Graphix Section, once your there you'll see 4 pinned items....

1. Pinned: getting A Sig From Shooboxx


2. Pinned: Graphics Request Guidelines

Nesta's sig requests.


3. Pinned: Graphics Request Guidelines

BuffsBroncos Sigs Requests


4. Pinned: Sig Image Requests A Sig From Stellar

wouldn't recommend this one cause Stellar hasn't been online since Last Active 3rd April 2006 - 09:25 PM


pick one of the top 3 and read thier guidelines... there they will give you further instructions like for example, if you want a Delgado and Wright signature like me... you'd say, "I want David Wright on the left swinging the bat towards the right, I want it to say Mets faded in the background, with my name Plax 4 Prez on the bottom middle, then on the right I want Delgado batting towards the left where Wright is... I want it half blue, half orange so it has the Met colors." kinda like that but each GHX mod works differantly... some of them kind of want to add thir own little touch to it, and some of them will ask you to recieve the photo's you want in your sig. (at a good quality, better quality=better sig) if you still have any questions PM that GHX Mod

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