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1 hour ago, Sephiroth said:

If we get four games this season I'll be happy. I'm really excited to see what we have with this young team, especially what Jones and Barkley can do. 

I'm excited for the youth and coaches on this team.

Colombo is one of the best Oline coaches in the NFL, and he's got a lot of young talent to work with, Thomas, Peart, Lemioux, Hernandez, are all guys who will excel with his coaching.

"Coach Chaos" coached one of the best pass rushes in the college game for years, lets see if he can get guys like Carter/Ximines to show up when it matters.

Henderson coached some of the best CBs units with the Cowboys and Falcons, and we are going to need those years of experience to get this unit together.

And we finally moved away from the mentality of signing one/two year stop gap free agents players to build this team. Nothing frustrates me more than watching JR and Getty signing free agent journeymen as a band aid fix to a problem, while not bringing in some youth to develop.

You sign these guys when you're already in the playoffs or competing, not when you're trying to pull your team out of the gutter.

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