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Browns sign Conklin


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  • 2 weeks later...

Conklin is a weird player.  Twelve months ago there was a lot of, "good thing we didn't draft that guy, he's always injured and hugely overrated."  Now everyone is lamenting that we didn't get him. 

I guess we'll see. 

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He does have a knee injury that I think caused concern for the Titans to re-sign him long term.  I think might have been a factor for the Giants not aggressively pursuing him as well if he was on their list.  Either way I think the Giants have other plans for rebuilding this offense that goes beyond Conklin.  They may very well draft the future  LT and have him start at RT.  If the Giants do not draft a tackle in the first round I think they'll try to scheme around their high priced average LT and make the best of it.  If that tackle proves he can handle the LT position outright I don't believe the Giants will hesitate to move Solder over to RT.

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