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On the flea flicker play.

Despite that commentator booger the wooger saying "The DBs won't bite on it" the entire secondary was screaming towards the line of scrimmage and Tate was running wide open.

However the Giants trusted Solder and that backup TE there to block a single DE which they failed to do leading to the failed play. Keep in mind Solder is going to make 19 million next year and was the reason for the two solo sacks as well.

On both Ertz TDs the Giants had their veteran players on his side of the field; Thomas, Ogletree and Bucanhon. They failed to pick up Ertz both times. 

Baker and Love are really developing into quality starters.

Williams made a case for a new contract but then committed a stupid penalty and then disappeared in the second half. He isn't worth 10 million a year.

Jones looks almost as silly on the sidelines as Eli does.

Barkley looked like he was trying to win the game himself on most runs but never touched the ball in the final 3 minutes of play.

Shurmurs play calling is now as dynamic as a mayo sandwich and after seeing almost the rest of the league have trick players I want a young college head coach calling as next year.

Fun game at least it wasn't a complete blow out like a majority of the last 8 weeks have been.



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57 minutes ago, CrazedDogs said:

Booger is fucking retarded. Its even odds that whatever he says is wrong. 

Yeah he was terrible when he was just in his goofy little chair adding commentary once every ten minutes.  No idea why they gave that dude a promotion.


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