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Meanwhile, in Cincinnati...


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This just proves that the NFL talent pool for Oline is just getting worse and worse.


Oline arent expected to be run blocking power houses anymore, just stand in the way of the Dline and let you're QB run around in the backfield making plays.

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I think the team that corners the market on a legit road grading OL will successfully zig to the NFLs zag. Ds are built to counter the pass, definitely an opportunity to exploit a size, strength mismatch.


Who better than the Giants?


I agree the NFL is cyclical, offences get faster and more pass happy, defences get more faster and smaller, then offences get bigger and more of a run power team, defences get bigger and slower to stop the run game.


Rinse and repeat every 15 years.


I do think we'll see this type of game for awhile though, this current meta of offences scoring in under a minute in a half, and big chuck yardage plays.

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