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Official Jets Roster Thread (Updated 05/12/06)

Exit 117

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Offense (47)

QB (5): Pennington, Ramsey, Clemens*#, Bollinger, Kingsbury

RB (7): Martin, Blaylock, Houston, L. Washington*#, Butler, D. Moore*, Gilbert*@

FB (5): Askew, Lawton, Pociask*#, Warren, Tutt*

WR (10): Coles, McCareins, Cotchery, Dwight, B. Smith*#, Ridgeway, Witherspoon, Avery*, Mobley*, Chrebet**

TE (4): Baker, Jolley, Dreessen, Watje*@

OT (6): Ferguson*#, Jones, Clement, Cavka, Blanton*, Alailefaleula*

OG (6): Kendall, B. Moore, Nienhuis, Morley, Snell, King

C (4): Mangold*#, Teague, Katnik, Missant


Defense (40)

DE (5): Ellis, von Oelhoffen, T. Johnson, Ball, D. Adams*

DT (6): Robertson, Pope, Pouha, T. Adams*#, McChesney, Schmidt*

DE/LB (4): Thomas, Brown*, Bailey*, W. Thomspon*

LB (11): Vilma, Barton, Hobson, Kassell, Chatham, McClover, Schlegel*#, Enzor, Myers, White*@, Costanzo*

CB (8): Dyson, Barrett, Miller, Strait, D. Coleman*#, D. Johnson, Taylor, J. Johnson@

S (6): E. Coleman, Rhodes, Maddox, E. Smith*#, R.Washington, J. Thomspon*


Special Teams (4)

LS (1): Dearth

K (1): Nugent

P (2): Graham, Fitzpatrick*


Injured Reserve (0)


Practice Squad (0)


Total Roster: 91


* Rookie.

# Denotes that rookie has not yet signed a contract.

** Expected to retire after June 1st.

@ UDFA reported by KFFL, unconfirmed by Jets.


2006 NFL Draft Picks

1st Round Pick (NYJ) - 4th overall - D'Brickashaw Ferguson (OT)

1st Round Pick (DEN) - 29th overall; acquired in John Abraham 3-way trade - Nick Mangold ©

2nd Round Pick (DAL) - 49th overall; acquired from Dallas - Kellen Clemens (QB)

3rd Round Pick (PHI) - 76th overall; acquired from Philadelphia - Anthony Schlegel (ILB)

3rd Round Pick (Compensation) - 97th overall - Eric Smith (S)

4th Round Pick (NYJ) - 103rd overall - Brad Smith (RB/WR/QB)

4th Round Pick (KC) - 117th overall; acquired as compensation for HC Herman Edwards (KC) - Leon Washington (RB)

5th Round Pick (DAL) - 150th overall; acquired from Dallas - Jason Pociask (TE)

6th Round Pick (WAS) - 189th overall; acquired from Dallas - Drew Coleman (CB)

7th Round Pick (PHI) - 220th overall; acquired from Philadelphia - Titus Adams (DT)


2006 Undrafted Free Agent Signings

Adams, Darrell - Villanova - Defensive end

Alailefaleula, Tui - Washington - Defensive tackle / Offensive tackle

Avery, Maurice - Memphis - Wide receiver

Bailey, Craig - Nevada - Defensive end / Linebacker

Blanton, Ed - UCLA - Offensive Lineman

Brown, Michael - Howard - Defensive end / Linebacker

Costanzo, Blake - Lafayette - Linebacker

Fitzpatrick, D.J. - Notre Dame - Punter

*Gilbert, Ryan - Houston - Runningback

*Johnson, Jovon - Iowa - Cornerback

Mobley, Deqawn - Texas A&M - Wide receiver

Moore, DonTrell - New Mexico - Runningback

Schmidt, Brennan - Virginia - Defensive tackle

Thompson, Jamie - Oklahoma State - Safety

Thomspon, Will - Georgia - Defensive end / Linebacker

Tutt, Stacy - Richmond - Quarteback / H-Back / Runningack / Wide receiver

*Watje, Brian - San Jose State - Tight end

*White, Brian - Virginia - Linebacker


*Unconfirmed by Jets


NFL Europe (8)

Butler, Terry (RB)

Cavka, Marko (OT)

King, Michael (OG)

Kingsbury, Kliff (QB)

Missant, Charles ©

Snell, Isaac (OG)

Taylor, James (DB)

Witherspoon, Jovan (WR)


Unrestricted Free Agents For '06 Offseason

Abraham, John (DE) - Franchise tagged, traded to Atlanta

Baker, Chris (TE) - Re-signed

Brown, Mark (LB) - Signed with Arizona

Goodwin, Jonathan (OL) - Signed with New Orleans

Gragg, Scott (OT) - Retired, Head Coach of a Oregon high school team

Reed, James (DT) - Free Agent

Testaverde, Vinny (QB) - Intends on retiring

Wright, Kenyatta (LB) - Free Agent


Players That Still Count Against the 2006 Cap but aren't on the Team

Abraham, Donnie (CB) - Retired

Fabini, Jason (OT) - Cut, on Dallas

Fiedler, Jay (QB) - Cut, Free Agent

Gardner, Barry (LB) - Cut, on New England

Law, Ty (CB) - Cut, Free Agent

Legree, Lance (DT) - Cut, Free Agent

Mawae, Kevin © - Cut, on Tennessee

Mickens, Ray (CB) - Cut, on Cleveland

Pagel, Derek (S) - Cut, Free Agent

Sowell, Jerald (FB) - Cut, on Tampa Bay


Coaching Staff

Eric Mangini, Head Coach

Brian Schottenheimer, Offensive Coordinator

Bob Sutton, Defensive Coordinator

Mike Westhoff, Special Teams Coordinator

Jerome Thompson, Director of Player Development

Markus Paul, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Brett Bech, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Rick Lyle, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Andy Dickerson, Coaches Assistant

Jason Michael, Offensive Quality Control

Jimmy Raye, Running Backs Coach

Sam Gash, Assistant Running Backs/Special Teams Coach

Noel Mazzone, Wide Receivers Coach

Richie Anderson, Assistant Wide Receivers Coach/ Co-Tight Ends Coach

Tony Wise, Offensive Line Coach

Mike Devlin, Assistant Offensive Line Coach/Co-Tight Ends Coach

Jason Mandolesi, Defensive Quality Control

Corwin Brown, Defensive Backs Coach

Denny Marcin, Defensive Line Coach

Bryan Cox, Assistant Defensive Line Coach

Jim Herrmann, Linebackers Coach


Transaction History


MATT CHATHAM SIGNED (PM me for History back to beginning of 2005 Season)


03/13/06: LB Matt Chatham signed (NE)

03/14/06: DE Kimo Von Oelhoffen signed (PIT)

03/17/06: QB Patrick Ramsey acquired in exchange for a 6.4 (#173 overall)

03/21/06: WR Tim Dwight signed (NE)

03/21/06: DE John Abraham sent to Atlanta. Atlanta sends 1.15 (#15 overall) to Denver. Denver sends 1.29 (#29 overall) to New York. Denver sends 3.29 (#93 overall) and a future pick to Atlanta.

03/24/06: TE Chris Baker signed (NYJ)

03/24/06: FB Micheal Warren signed (N/A)

03/27/06: DT Monsanto Pope signed (DEN)

03/27/06: New York Jets announce they received 3.33 (#97 overall) as a compensation draft pick

03/29/06: CB Andre Dyson signed (SEA)

04/04/06: S Victor Green signs with intent to retire as a Jet (NO)

04/10/06: LB Brad Kassell signed (TEN)

04/12/06: C Trey Teague signed (BUF)

04/19/06: OT Anthony Clement signed (SF)

04/28/06: TE Corey Lamkin waived

04/29/06: OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson drafted 1.4 (#4 overall)

04/29/06: C Nick Mangold drafted 1.29 (#29 overall)

04/29/06: New York Jets announce they trade 2.3 (#35 overall) to Washington Redskins in exchange for 2.21 (#53 overall), 6.20 (#189 overall), and a 2007 2nd-round pick

04/29/06: New York Jets announce they trade 2.21 (#53 overall), 6.20 (#189 overall), and 7.3 (#211 overall) to Dallas Cowboys in exchange for 2.17 (#49 overall)

04/29/06: QB Kellen Clemens drafted 2.17 (#49 overall)

04/29/06: New York Jets announce they trade 3.7 (#71 overall) to Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for 3.12 (#76 overall) and 7.12 (#220 overall)

04/29/06: ILB Anthony Schlegel drafted 3.12 (#76 overall)

04/29/06: S Eric Smith drafted 3.33 (#97 overall)

04/30/06: WR Brad Smith drafted 4.6 (#103 overall)

04/30/06: RB Leon Washington drafted 4.20 (#117 overall)

04/30/06: New York Jets announce they trade 5.5 (#138 overall) to Dallas Cowboys in exchange for 5.18 (#150 overall) and 6.20 (#189 overall)

04/30/06: TE Jason Pociask drafted 5.18 (#150 overall)

04/30/06: CB Drew Coleman drafted 6.20 (#189 overall)

04/30/06: DT Titus Adams drafted 7.12 (#220 overall)

05/01/06: TE Matt Chila waived

05/01/06: OL Ed Blanton signed (UDFA)

05/01/06: RB DonTrell Moore signed (UDFA)

05/01/06: LB Blake Costanzo signed (UDFA)

05/01/06: P DJ Fitzpatrick signed (UDFA)

05/01/06: LB Will Thompson signed (UDFA)

05/02/06: RB Ryan Gilbert signed (UDFA)

05/02/06: DE Craig Bailey signed (UDFA)

05/02/06: DE Darrell Adams signed (UDFA)

05/03/06: S Jamie Thompson signed (UDFA)

05/03/06: TE Brian Watje signed (UDFA)

05/03/06: QB Stacy Tutt signed (UDFA)

05/03/06: DB Jovon Johnson signed (UDFA)

05/03/06: LB Brian White signed (UDFA)

05/12/06: DT/OT Tui Alailefaleula signed (UDFA)

05/12/06: WR Maurice Avery signed (UDFA)

05/12/06: LB Michael Brown, Jr. signed (UDFA)

05/12/06: WR Deqwan Mobley signed (UDFA)

05/12/06: DT Brennan Schmidt signed (UDFA)

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Jets | Raye hired

Thu, 9 Feb 2006 08:43:52 -0800


Randy Lange, of the Bergen Record, reports the New York Jets have hired former Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye according to NFL sources. Raye, 59, has worked for 10 different NFL teams and has served as an offensive coordinator with five of them. It is unclear what position he will serve with the Jets but he has coached all offensive positions during his career.


No official report from NewYorkJets.com; nothing on Rotoworld.com


Jets | Devlin role uncertain

Thu, 9 Feb 2006 08:43:11 -0800


Updating previous reports, Randy Lange, of the Bergen Record, reports New York Jets assistant coach Mike Devlin resigned as Toledo's offensive line coach to take a position with New York. Contrary to previous reports, it is unclear what role he will specialize in with the Jets. He could be in line to work as a tight ends coach or as an assistant to offensive line coach Tony Wise.


No official report from NewYorkJets.com; nothing on Rotoworld.com


Jets | Team fires trainer

Thu, 9 Feb 2006 06:07:38 -0800


Rich Cimini, of the New York Daily News, reports the New York Jets have fired trainer David Price. He was fired last week, when Terry Bradway still was the general manager. It's an example of the clout head coach Eric Mangini wields in the organization.


No official report from NewYorkJets.com; nothing on Rotoworld.com


Jets | V. Marino a candidate for salary cap specialist

Thu, 9 Feb 2006 05:48:45 -0800


Dave Hutchinson, of the Star-Ledger, reports Vinny Marino, who currently works with the NFL Management Council, is a candidate to join the New York Jets as a salary cap specialist.


Nothing mentioned on Rotoworld.com


Jets | Bradway had contract extended before stepping down from GM role

Thu, 9 Feb 2006 05:43:32 -0800


Dave Hutchinson, of the Star-Ledger, reports the New York Jets extended former general manager Terry Bradway's contract by one-year when he stepped down as GM. Bradway, who is now a "consultant" with the club, had two years remaining on his contract. He had served as the team's general manager for five seasons.


No official report from NewYorkJets.com; nothing on Rotoworld.com


Sutton becomes Defensive Coordinator - http://www.nypost.com/sports/jets/61821.htm


Nothing mentioned on NewYorkJets.com; nothing on Rotoworld.com; however, Jonathan Vilma said, "my new Coordinator, Bob Sutton," on NFL Total Access in an interview with Ray Lewis and Adam Schefter


Richie Anderson to become Running Backs Coach


No official report from NewYorkJets.com; nothing on Rotoworld.com; mentioned in a few newspapers; however, Kevin Mawae referred to him as "Coach Richie Anderson" on his journal at the NFLPA.org.


Bryan Cox to become Linebackers Coach


No official report from NewYorkJets.com; nothing on Rotoworld.com; mentioned in a few newspapers; however, Kevin Mawae referred to him as "Coach Cox" on his journal at the NFLPA.org.


According to this ESPN article, Cox was signed to be the DL assistant, and Hermann (Michigan DC) signed to be LB coach. That confirms that either Sutton is the DC, or that he is no longer with the organization.

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I wouldn't mind taking a look at him but he'll probably want too much $. I see him going back to NE. He's publically said he has no hard feelings and would consider going back there.

More interest in Law:


Chiefs | Law could rejoin Edwards

Wed, 15 Feb 2006 12:12:05 -0800


Keven Lerner, of the Sun-Sentinel, reports New York Jets CB Ty Law expects to be released shortly and that a reunion with former Jets head coach Herman Edwards, who is now coaching the Kansas City Chiefs, is a possibility. Law added that he didn't know if the team could afford him and Chiefs CB Patrick Surtain. "Is the (Super Bowl) window still open for the Chiefs?" Law said. "Can the offense still get it done? And can they afford me and Pat?"


Dolphins | Law interested in joining team

Wed, 15 Feb 2006 12:11:51 -0800


Keven Lerner, of the Sun-Sentinel, reports New York Jets CB Ty Law expects to be released shortly and that he wants to play for a Super Bowl contender. Law said in an interview with the Kansas City Star that the Miami Dolphins could be a possibility. Law added he is seeking "around 10 million" in guaranteed bonus money.

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No, I was just saying that in general. He'd be a good fit with the Chiefs for a year and even with the Dolphins.

lol... I'd rather have someone more affordable.... I hope we keep Allen... the Jets have alot of good young talent....Deloatch makes me wonder, and Webster...I dunno yet

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Jets | Kensil fired

Fri, 17 Feb 2006 05:29:11 -0800


Ken Berger, of Newsday, reports the New York Jets have fired vice president of operations Mike Kensil. Kensil, the son of late Jets president Jim Kensil, spent 29 years with the team.

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Jets Announce 2006 Coaching Staff


The New York Jets announced today their 2006 coaching staff. The announcement of the composition of the coaching staff was made by Head Coach Eric Mangini.


Joining Mangini on the coaching staff will be (in alphabetical order): Richie Anderson, assistant wide receivers coach; Brett Bech, assistant strength and conditioning coach; Corwin Brown, defensive backs coach; Bryan Cox, assistant defensive line coach; Mike Devlin, assistant offensive line coach; Andy Dickerson, coaches assistant; Sam Gash, assistant running backs/special teams coach; Jim Herrmann, linebackers coach; Rick Lyle, assistant strength and conditioning coach; Denny Marcin, defensive line coach; Jason Mandolesi, defensive quality control; Noel Mazzone, wide receivers coach; Jason Michael, offensive quality control; Markus Paul, head strength and conditioning coach; Jimmy Raye, running backs coach; Brian Schottenheimer, offensive coordinator; Bob Sutton; defensive coordinator; Mike Westhoff; special teams coordinator; and Tony Wise, offensive line coach.


from Official Site

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Jets Designate Abraham as Franchise Player


The New York Jets announced today that defensive end John Abraham has been designated as the Club’s franchise player. The announcement was made by Jets’ General Manager Mike Tannenbaum.


Abraham, 27, joined the Jets as a first-round draft choice in 2000 (the second of the team’s four first-rounds picks that season) out of the University of South Carolina. The 6-4, 258-pound native of Timmonsville, SC has played in 73 career regular season games, making 63 starts, and registered 328 tackles, along with 53.5 sacks, which represent the fourth-most sacks in team annals, trailing only Mark Gastineau (107.5), Joe Klecko (77.5) and Gerry Philbin (64.5).


“The franchise tag is one of the resources we have to protect ourselves in a competitive league,” said Tannenbaum. “By franchising John, it speaks volumes about what type of player we feel he is and we stand behind our decision, with the full realization that at this point in time it is in the best interest of the club from both a financial and competitive standpoint.”


In 2005, Abraham played in all 16 games, starting the final 15 contests, and finished the season with a team-high 10.5 sacks, as well as registering 67 tackles, a team-high six forced fumbles, two passes defensed and one fumble recovery.


Abraham has been selected to three Pro Bowls over the course of his first six NFL seasons, earning the nominations in 2001, 2002 and 2004. He has forced 18 fumbles throughout his career, to go along with five fumble recoveries and eight passes defensed.


The franchise tag gives Abraham the option to play for the Jets in 2006 for an average salary of the top five highest-paid players at his position. That figure is derived from the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which calls for a franchise player to be guaranteed a one-year offer equal to the average of the top five defensive ends’ (check position) salaries in the NFL for the previous season (2005 in this case). Under terms of the CBA, Abraham may negotiate with any other team in the NFL, but the Jets would retain the ability to match a contract offer. If Abraham is offered a contract that the Jets do not elect to match, the Jets would receive two first round draft choices in the NFL draft in return.


Abraham racked up a team-high 10.5 sacks last season

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Jets Make Roster Moves


The New York Jets announced today that the following players have been placed on waivers: tackle Jason Fabini, quarterback Jay Fiedler, linebacker Barry Gardner, defensive tackle Lance Legree, fullback Jerald Sowell and wide receiver Harry Williams, Jr. Additionally, the Jets and CB Ty Law mutually agreed today not to exercise the contract options for the 2006, 2007 and 2008 seasons. The announcements were made by New York Jets’ General Manager Mike Tannenbaum.


"Jason Fabini and Jerald Sowell enjoyed long and productive careers as members of the Jets’ franchise and we are grateful for their contributions. They both were players that the Jets could rely upon every week," said Tannenbaum. "Jay has traveled a long road as a professional athlete and has enjoyed a very productive career. Barry and Lance joined our team last season and are both quality players that unfortunately don’t fit into our plans as we move forward. We wish all of them success as they progress in their careers and we thank them for their contributions to the New York Jets."


"We were very fortunate to have a player of Ty’s caliber in 2005," continued Tannenbaum. "Ty is a warrior and a class-act and we appreciate his contributions this past season."


Fabini, a 6-7, 304-pound product of the University of Cincinnati, recently completed his eighth season with the Jets. The 31-year old suffered a torn pectoral muscle in the November 13, 2005 game at Carolina in the first quarter and was subsequently placed on the injured reserve list on November 14, 2005. Fabini, a fourth-round draft selection by the Jets in 1998, started every game he had played in at the pro level (114 regular season games). After beginning his career as a right tackle (1998-1999), he moved to the starting left tackle spot during the team’s 2000 training camp and manned the position through the first quarter of the 2005 season before returning to right tackle following a sprained knee injury in game three vs. Jacksonville. In 1998 Fabini earned the distinction of becoming the first Jets’ rookie offensive lineman to play and start in all 16 games since left tackle Chris Ward in 1978, and he also became the first rookie right tackle to start in all 16 games since Marvin Powell accomplished the feat in 1977. Fabini also started all seven postseason games he played in as a member of the Jets during his eight seasons in New York.


Fiedler, 34, recently completed his 10th NFL season, and his first season as a member of the Jets. The 6-2, 225-pound graduate of Dartmouth, who was raised in nearby Oceanside, NY, signed with the Jets as an unrestricted free agent on March 10, 2005, following five seasons (2000-2004) with the Miami Dolphins. After going undrafted in 1994 Fiedler originally broke into the NFL as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles (1994-95). He also played in 1998 with the Minnesota Vikings and in 1999 with the Jacksonville Jaguars before joining the Dolphins in 2000. Fiedler has played in 77 regular season NFL games, making 60 starts, and has attempted 1,717 passes with 1,008 completions for 11,844 yards and a completion percentage of 58.7 with 69 touchdown passes, 66 interceptions and a career passer rating of 77.1. In addition to his career passing statistics, Fielder has gained 854 yards rushing on 219 attempts for a career rushing average of 3.9 yards per carry.


In 2005, Fiedler’s lone season with the Jets, he played in two games (contests one and three) and completed eight-of-13 passes for 107 yards with one touchdown for a passer rating of 113.1. He relieved starter Chad Pennington in the season opener at Kansas City and completed six-of-10 passes for 88 yards and a touchdown. He did not play in game two against his former team (Miami), but did play in game three against Jacksonville after Pennington was forced out of action with a shoulder injury. Fielder completed two-out-of-three passes for 19 yards before being sidelined for the season with a shoulder injury that eventually landed him on injured reserve on December 15, 2005.


Gardner, signed by the Jets as an unrestricted free agent on March 11, 2005, began his career in 1999 as a second round draft selection of the Philadelphia Eagles. The 29-year old native of Harvey, IL moved from the Eagles to Cleveland in 2002 via unrestricted free agency and played for the Browns through the 2004 season before joining the Jets. Gardner, 6-1, 245-pounds, has played in 110 regular season games, making 24 starts, and has registered 268 tackles, seven passes defensed, two forced fumbles, two sacks, and a fumble recovery. He has also collected 136 career special teams tackles. In 2005 with the Jets, Gardner played in all 16 games, making one start, and had four tackles and 20 special teams stops.



In 2005, Law, 32, posted a career-high in interceptions with 10, which earned him his fifth trip to the Pro Bowl. For the season Law started all 16 games and recorded 66 tackles and 13 passes defended. The Aliquippa, PA native and product of the University Michigan, was selected in the first round of the 1995 draft by the New England Patriots and played has played in 157 career regular season games during his ten-year career, starting 149 contests, and amassed 714 tackles, 155 passes defensed, 46 interceptions for 778 yards, four sacks and recovered fumbles and three forced fumbles. In addition to the three Super Bowl titles he earned while with New England, Law has started all 12 postseason games he has played in and recorded 54 tackles, 12 passes defensed and four interceptions.


Legree played in all 16 games for the Jets in 2005, after signing as an unrestricted free agent following his first four professional seasons with the New York Giants. In 2005, the 27-year old native of St. Stephens, SC registered 25 tackles and a career-high three sacks, seeing the majority of his playing time late in the season at one of the defensive tackle positions. The 6-1, 300-pound product of Notre Dame has played in 75 career regular season games, making 24 starts, and has compiled 141 career tackles, seven sacks for -55 yards, along with two fumble recoveries, a forced fumble and a pass defensed.


Sowell, 30, concluded his ninth season with the Jets in 2005. Following his selection in the seventh round of the 1997 draft by the Green Bay Packers he was waived at the end of his rookie training camp and subsequently claimed off of waivers by the Jets. The former Tulane Green Wave featured running back converted to fullback with the Jets and went on to play 135 regular season games with the Jets, making 48 starts (all coming between 2003-2005) and registered 147 career receptions for 1,188 yards (8.1 average) and five touchdowns. He also carried the football 61 times for 244 yards for a 4.0 career rushing average and one score. He is also the Jets’ all-time leading special teams tackler with 146 stops. At the conclusion of the 2005 season, the Baker, LA native owned the distinction of having played in 137 consecutive regular season contests, which marked the longest active streak among players on the team’s final roster.


Williams, 6-3, 185-pounds, was selected in the seventh round of the 2005 draft by the Jets. The native of Birmingham, AL attended Tuskegee University and appeared in one game as a rookie, playing on special teams in game 13 against New England. He did not post any statistics in the receptions, punt returns or kickoff returns categories. As a collegian, Williams concluded his career with 83 receptions for 1,584 yards (19.1 avg.) and eight touchdowns.

Couldn't care less about Williams, Fabini, Legree, or Gardner. Glad to see Law go ($ and ego). Disappointed to see Sowell Train go, though. Oh well. Askew better live up to a 2nd round pick.

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Jets and Martin Reach Agreement to a Restructured Contract


The New York Jets and running back Curtis Martin, the NFL’s fourth-ranked all-time leading rusher, have mutually agreed today to a restructured contract. As per Club policy terms and length of the contract were undisclosed. The announcement was made by Jets’ General Manager Mike Tannenbaum.


Jets Waive Six including Fabini, Fiedler & Sowell, Agree Not to Exercise Law’s Contract Option


Martin, who will be entering his 12th NFL season and his ninth with the Jets, is the fourth-leading rusher in NFL history with 14,101 yards on 3,518 carries. The former University of Pittsburgh star joined the team as a restricted free agent in March of 1998. With the Jets, Martin has established Club-records in nearly every rushing category, including: rushing yards (10,302), rushing attempts (2,560), rushing touchdowns (58), 100-yard rushing games (43), and yards from scrimmage (12,741).


"Curtis Martin is a special person and a player destined for the Pro Football Hall of Fame," said Tannenbaum. "He has confirmed through his actions that he is always seeking ways to help the New York Jets win football games and to lead the team both verbally and through his extremely high level of play. Curtis places the accomplishments of the team ahead of his personal goals and is willing to sacrifice in all areas of the arena for the New York Jets. He has set aside what may be in his best short-term interest for the immediate and long-term goals of this organization. We are truly fortunate to have Curtis as one of the unquestioned leaders of the organization on the football field and in our community."


"I have known Curtis Martin for the past eight years and have always had the highest regards for him as both an individual and as one of the fiercest and most determined athletes in the game of professional football," said Head Coach Eric Mangini. "Curtis has demonstrated through both his words and his actions how important it is for him to lead the Jets to the highest level in this game. He is a smart, tough, competitive and a hard-working player that has placed football paramount amongst his priorities in life. His actions, through the agreement we reached today, demonstrate what a selfless individual he truly he is."


In 2005 Martin started the first 12 games of the season before a knee injury forced him to the injured reserve list for the final four contests. He led the team in rushing with 735 yards on 220 carries and a tied for the team high in touchdowns with five. He also added 118 yards receiving on 24 receptions, the fifth-most on the team.


Martin had a streak of 119 consecutive regular-season games started for the Jets at the time he was forced to the injured reserve list, the longest streak ever by a running back in Jets’ team history. In addition, Martin started two playoffs games in 1998, one in 2001, two in 2002 and two in 2004, which brought his streak of consecutive starts in combined regular and postseason play to 126 contests. Over the course of his career, Martin has played in 168 regular season games, making 166 starts, and has missed only four games over the course of his career. Martin, with 10 career postseason games played and started, has accumulated 795 yards on 182 carries for a 4.4 average and eight rushing touchdowns, while adding 305 yards and 37 receptions for an 8.2 average.


"I have never been afraid to take a chance on myself," said Martin. "Since I started playing this game I have been taught and learned that this game is a team game and there are a lot of things more important than money. I believe I have always been a person that enjoys meeting challenges head-first. I believe in the New York Jets and the leadership team that we have in place. Mr. Johnson and the New York Jets have been very good to me throughout my career and they have stood behind me and I am sincerely appreciative for the opportunity to play here. Going in to the off-season, I knew there was a chance that we may talk about a restructuring of my contract, and rather than have it be an acrimonious situation, I wanted to resolve the matter quietly and never felt like it had to become an ugly situation. This was not a hard decision because of the belief I have in the leadership of this team and my teammates, and that I have in myself. I have already begun to prepare for the 2006 season and am anxious to get the bad taste that the season left me with. I feel that it is important to put the goals of the team ahead of individual goals, and I have restructured my contract to allow us the opportunity to be more competitive as we move forward. I feel like my injury let our team down because I wasn’t able to finish the season and my intention is to help get this team to the highest level. It’s a challenge and one I readily accept. I have a chip on my shoulder because last season was not what we wanted. I am looking forward to coming back stronger and healthier in 2006 and am thrilled that it is with the New York Jets."

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Of all people... it's a shame they had to restructure a guy like Curtis.

Why is it a shame? He makes the same amount of money, but they turned his base salary into signing bonus, meaning the money is spread out over the remaining years rather than getting it all now. He didn't take a pay cut, he just gets the money later rather than now. Most players don't like to restructure because they want their money now.


The only thing I don't like about it is it sets him up to be cut after this season. I don't thinking signing bonuses are paid after being released, only base salaries. That is probably another reason players don't like to restructure.

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