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Write up on Nelson


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This biggest problem with Nelson and it was the biggest reason I hated the drafting of Flower, is both of them havent learned a single thing of technique in college.


Nelson has relied on his strength and physical size to dominate college competition, much like Flowers did. He has a "mean streak" much like Flower did, however they were both huge liabilities when coming out of college in pass protection, probably Nelsons most touted weakness.


Luckily for Nelson he wont be blocking DEs, he'll be matched up against DT/NT mostly, so he doesn't have to worry about speed killing him.


I just feel like it's a Flowers 2.0, everything positive about him is "He's strong and mean, going to be a lock at his position" all the same things.


I wouldn't be disappointed with the pick, I would just hope it isnt the same type of situation.

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Nelson is another great talent, I'd love to take him as well. Yeah second overall is very high to take a guard but he is a great football player and he can solidify the line for years to come. I see no flaws in Nelson. Yeah he is a better run blocker, but look at him! He's running around like a FB taking out everyone.

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