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Game Tape Review: Giants need to use more blockers in pass game


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The New York Giants offensive line took the heat for the team's putrid offensive performance in the Week 1 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. We went back and looked at the game tape to find out if the blame was deserved or not. What we found was even more interesting. The Giants used JUST five players as blockers (the starting offensive line) on 38-of-44 pass plays (not including designed screen passes). That means that they used all five receivers, backs, and tight ends to run routes as receivers on 38 plays. This style prevented Eli Manning from having enough time to hit his longer-developing plays and routes. It also took away Manning's best throw -- the intermediate to deep out and in-breaking route. We've got a play-by-play analysis in the following slides that you don't want to miss. Each play is broken down, some in slow motion.



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Hey, Eli is getting killed by the pressure and cant set up to throw, better leave him alone in the backfield all day.


Great coaching by that pedo-stashed fat fuck we have as an HC/OC/Guru/future HoF candidate.


I miss the days that Coughlin FORCED RBs to block like a mother fucker and wouldn't play them without knowing how to keep Eli standing.


Now we have a guy who feels the need to get our future HoF QB killed on the regular.

Yes I'm still fucking salty from the loss.



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