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Giants Shredder

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Yeah what a mess this season has been. I had such high expectations. I totally understand that injuries have been killing this team, but so has Collins use of the pull pen.


See, that's the problem. The Mets pitchers are too busy jerking off.

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Either that or he will be wearing cement overshoes in Flushing Bay. Injuries have killed them, but they have some real bums who need to go.....Duda, Reyes, Wright, darneau, who I call AAA.....he couldn't throw me out stealing. The hole at catcher is glaring and has been for years. Rivera will be batting .210 by years end, but I love TJ and he should play every day

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Mets tried to follow the Giants formula for success which was: Big park, big starting pitching, big bullpen, spray hitters. Unfortunately, baseball juiced the ball and I think a lot of players as well. Now they both suck.

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