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Yanks about to sweep the best team in Baseball


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4 game sweep??? could be... The Tigers have baseballs best record (though not by much) 35-18. The Yanks have taken the first 3 games and won weds without Jeter, damon, Sheffield, or Matsui. Mussina pitched a gem and tonight its Wang verse Verlander (2.55 era 7-3) Come on Yanks :clap:

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6-5 in the 7th now...


Yanks bought in Darren Rasner to pitch 1 2/3 innings, he did a great job, 26 years old, former top prospect, would be huge if he came through, maybe Joe would stop sturtzing Proctor's arm.

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What really pisses me off is that they won the game right when the retards in the seats decided "we're going to be cool and swing from Red Sox fans' jock and start a 'Yankees Suck' chant! We're so proud of us!"



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