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Plans for the NEW METS Ballpark!


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• The ballpark's baseball-specific design produces superior sightlines for the game throughout the venue. There is a more intimate atmosphere with seating angled toward the infield and set down closer to the field. Forty-two percent of the ballpark's seats will be located in the Concourse (or lowest) seating level.


• The new ballpark will feature some of the widest unobstructed concourses in new sports facilities. Concession stands and restrooms will be located within the facility's exterior walls leaving the circulation areas with uninterrupted views of the field.

• Wider seats provide enhanced comfort throughout the venue while more space between the rows allows for improved legroom.


• The Concourse level features 360-degree, walk-around circulation around the ballpark with expansive field views and ample standing room. The Promenade level features a split-deck design providing uninterrupted views into the ballpark from the circulation and concession areas.


• Fans throughout the ballpark will have access to multiple sit-down, climate-controlled restaurants, bars, clubs, and lounges, a majority of which will provide field views, and a wide range of menu choices.


• Numerous permanent attractions built into the master plan add to the new ballpark's family-friendly environment, including: an expanded Fan Fest family entertainment area within the ballpark on the Concourse level, an enhanced outfield Picnic Area adjacent to the batter's eye, multiple party deck areas, and an interactive Mets museum with club memorabilia and Hall of Fame displays.


• Inspired by tradition, the new ballpark will be clad in brick, limestone, granite and cast stone, with the brick closely resembling the masonry used at Ebbets Field, both in color and texture. Exposed steel will be painted dark blue and the seats will be dark green.


• A structural steel "bridge" motif throughout the new ballpark reinforces the Mets' connection to New York's five boroughs while also symbolically linking the team's storied tradition to its future. Design elements call for exposed trusses, light towers, scoreboard structure, and a roof canopy that recall the ballparks of yesteryear.


Field Orientation: The four-acre natural turf field will expand from home in a northeasterly direction with the leftfield line stretching northward, and the rightfield line extending eastward.


Right Field Porch: In rightfield there will be a singular deck that will be situated to extend into and over fair territory by eight feet.


Pitcher Friendly: Pitcher Friendly: Distinctive asymmetrical outfield walls, along with generous dimensions (LF - 335'; LC - 379'; CF - 408'; RC - 391'; RF - 330') make for a traditional pitcher's park.

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I'm probably the only person who will say this, but I'll miss Shea Stadium, when it's gone.

I just hope they bring the ugly apple, it is the best homerun celebration in baseball. They can leave the neon ball players out of the new desing though :LMAO:

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I'm probably the only person who will say this, but I'll miss Shea Stadium, when it's gone.


I will miss Shea also. We may be the minority, but I like that stadium. The new one looks sweet though.

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