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The youngsters getting a shot and having some shining moments


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I pointed out in another thread, but the play made by Trevin Wade when he stripped the ball from Jones at the goal line and gave the Giants a touchback was astonishing.





Landon Collins made a nice play on Pierre Garçon (translated to Englais, "Peter Boy" LOL) tipping the ball and breaking up a pass





And he tripped up lightning fast Jones to stop a runaway





Kerry Wynn is high energy and stuffing runs. Unga (although not young, is pretty much a rookie) already has two interceptions.






It's nice to see some of the youngsters showing some skill. Bodes well for the future

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I heard a story this summer on the Giants' podcast regarding Damontre Moore. Apparently one day he was at practice and John Mara came and started watching the players. The ensuing conversation went like this:


Moore: Yo whassup dawg.


Mara: Hi.


Moore: How's your day going?

Mara. Pretty good so far. Beautiful day for football practice.


Moore: Yeah, it is. So, what is it you do around here again?


Mara: Damontre, I'm going to pretend like you didn't just say that.


Moore: Yeah? Why is that?


Mara: Because I write your paycheck.



Damontre still has a lot to learn.

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I like how flexible Pugh is. He's basically a "plug-n-play" offensive lineman. He did well starting at left tackle. Really nice to have that kind of flexibility with the players.


And I think that Jay Bromley did a good job at stuffing up the middle of the line with Hankins.


And talk about flexibility and versatility, Nikita Whitlock played fullback, then was on the defensive line holding his own. I don't think I've seen a player play both defense and offense since the Fridge gave RB a try. That was hilarious, but it worked.


And Darkwa did a superb job fielding that fumble.


And I'm surprised there was not more attention given to Fells for his one handed catch. They didn't even hardly show it in replay. If it was OBJ, they would have replayed it several times including slo-mo. Fells has very soft hands for a big lug. Couldn't find it on youtube, but here's a link that shows it. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25315550/watch-giants-260-pound-tight-end-channels-inner-odell-beckham

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