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JPP + draft pick for Kam Chancellor?


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Would you make the trade?


Can't see it happening straight up given Chancellor is healthy where JPP is not. Also of consideration is the affordability for Seattle...if they can't afford Chancellor, JPP's deal would make it worse.


But, the more I see of our safety situation and the longer Kam holds out...I would strongly entertain this.


Of course, yes, we have to get JPP to sign his tender first before he'd be tradeable. Just curious as to what others would think of it.

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i'm not convinced he's not a product of that system like sherman is. earl thomas on the other hand...


Wow. For a smart guy that isn't very smart.


Sherman a product of the system? There isn't any "system" for a CB to be an All-Pro outside on an island one-on-one. Sherman has definitively and thoroughly earned his elite status because of his talent and achievements.

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Actually Sherman sticks to one side of the field.


Regardless, PFF thinks you're wrong, Herc -


17. Richard Sherman, CB, Seattle Seahawks

Sherman pushed himself into a Top 20 spot with a fantastic postseason for the second year running. A cornerback who has cultivated a fear in quarterbacks, scared to go near him for fear of the consequences, there were only two games all season where he earned a -1.0 or worse grade in coverage. When you are as verbally active as Sherman you need to back it up on the field, and once again he has.

Best Performance: Week 9, OAK @ SEA, +5.3

Key Stat: Targeted just once for every 17.8 snaps in coverage, the second-highest number of any cornerback with at least 200 coverage snaps.

That's the 17th best player in the NFL in their evaluations. Dez Bryant and Joe Thomas finished BEHIND Sherman.

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it's not as if most teams line up their #1 wr exclusively on one side of the field and then only move him around when they play the seahawks. they line up on either side and in different spots every game no matter who they play.


Sherman's PFF grade (a grading system i am questioning more and more every season but let's put that aside) is a reflection of Sherman's performance. I am arguing that Sherman's performance is reliant on having the best coverage safety in a decade playing behind him in the cover 3. i'd love to see how he does to begin the season if thomas misses any time with that shoulder injury

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