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Whatever happened to Eric "Pancake" Herman?


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I see that he is still on the roster. I know he was busted for substance abuse at one point and banned for 4 games. But the Giants resigned him and he's gone back and forth from the practice squad to being activated on the 53 man roster, and back to the PS. At some point - probably this year, he won't be eligible for the PS...I think.


He's still young and I wonder if he still has the reputation of being able to "pancake" the defensive guards the way he did in college. It would seem, he'd be a good option during running plays....that is, if he still has the strength and the knack to flatten guys.


Has anyone followed his progress enough to know if he's still hungry to be an NFL star....or is he just enjoying the money and getting soft.



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He can potentially be a good run blocker but I doubt it.


His pass protection is laughable, stick 125 pound Nas out there to chip some shins and Nas would be more effective then Herman at protecting Eli.


Herman does have some real upside as a run blocker tho

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We have some odd names on the current roster like:


LT - T. Kropog, S. Donnelly

OG - A. Gettis

C - D. Reynolds

RT - M. Bamiro, E. Cleary




the only names I even recognize are Newhouse, Mosely, Jones, Jerry, and Herman


We've added Flowers and Hart.


I like the looks of Hart. Has experience at RT of a very high profile team and was on the team when they won the national championship. He played as a true freshman at FSU when he was 17 yrs old starting 9 games at guard and was the starting tackle as a Junior and Senior where he piled up excellent numbers in the run game, and did an adequate job at protecting Winston. Notably, he made big holes for RB Dalvin Cook who set the FSU freshman record for rushing yards (1,008) and became the first and only Seminole rookie back to rush for 1,000 yards.


So he's at least adequate at protecting the QB and above average for making holes for a RB...in fact, excelled at pushing defensive players out of the way. In fact, pretty much every site says, "excels at the run game, needs work on pass protection, better suited to play guard". Hart has said he looks forward to playing guard in the NFL where he should do well.


He has big legs like Andrus Peat and a big ass bubble butt that Mayock likes, but short T-Rex arms like Pugh. He was projected as a 5th or 6th round pick by NFL.com and several other sites. He's the youngest player on the Giants at 20 years old, even though he played all 4 years and having graduated as a senior. Regardless, he's an interesting project with more upside (perhaps) than Mosely and Herman.


Bobby Hart





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