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Brett Garnder


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he isnt over paid at all. he is one of the best players on the team. its a good deal for both parties. He is like 4 WAR player.

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yeah i hear that, i just think ellsbury is a richer man's gardner (unless that random power surge he had comes back) and that instead of getting the same player and crowding your outfield you could've kept one of the top 10 hitters in baseball

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they werent willing to go ten years with cano..and they were right for doing so..the mariners ponied up. The Yankees are going to miss Cano..very much, but I understand why they didnt retain him.


I guess theyre going to hope one of Mason Williams, Tyler Austin and Slade Haethcott bounce back this year and become viable trade bait for a second baseman.


Letting Cano go is definitely going to hurt the team in the short term. They still need a SS too. Have no idea what their plans are for the middle infield. Cause Nunez sucks

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