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Just popping in to tell you guys that I have one smart dog. She's sleeping on the couch by the tv during the Mets game, and then Cohen announces that Jose Valentin is pinch hitting for Zambrano. Like a true Mets fan, she jumps up and runs out of the room. Do we have a very smart baseball fan or is it a coincidence?


I wish I did the same as she did.

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If Jose Valentin were not from the Dominican Republic he would not be on this team, I know its sounds ignorant, but there is no other explanation for his shitiness to infect this roster.

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Hello Mets Mod?

sorry my friends... I was takeing care of some stuff... I will make tonights game now

if I can't make it for future referances go ahead and make it, then tell any of the mods available to pin it

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