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  1. We need this one bad...we better score this TD
  2. He had a ecent game for us today. at least he was hustling by the late hit he got lol
  3. Thats the dagger in the coffin, i dont think well even make wild card!!!
  4. Damn i got scared thought he was gonna get the pick!!we need a TD not a FG now our d needs 2 stop them 1 more time
  5. I like Jacobs as the replacement for tiki.....
  6. Damn Were playing undisciplined tonight!!!ohhh shit fumble.....we got it back phew....
  7. Great play calling!!and a great punt by feagles!!what the fuck
  8. What the hell!!! on 3rd and 1 how the hell we let them pick up 24 yards!!!!
  9. Damn man if your gonna run it to the outside at least put Tiki in!!
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