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Seems Every Year We End Up With a Game Changing Player


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I was thinking about how Cruz changed everything for the Giants last year....then it got me thinking.


It seems that every year we find a game changing player to add to the team.


in 2008, it was Nicks

in 2009, it was JPP

in 2010....not really a game changer, but we picked up undrafted Herzlich and Hynoski that have played well

in 2011 it was Victor Cruuuuuuz

in 2012, I'm going out on a limb here and say Stevie Brown is a game changer....and I don't think we've seen the best of Will Hill yet.


Funny how the last 5 impact players on this list went undrafted. Well....actually, Stevie Brown was a 2010, 7th round draft pick (251st pick out of 253) by Oakland, who cut him before he went to Carolina, who cut him before going to the Colts, who landed nicely right in our laps!


Without JPP, Nicks, Cruz, and now Stevie Brown....this team would not be nearly as exciting to watch.

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