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After further review of Wk2 Preseason


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Quick thoughts after I re-watched, and I'm going to focus on things that haven't already been discussed, so not bringing up Hosley (as a CB), Barden's poor play, Randle, or even Wilson.


Locklear had another solid performance on the left side. I would feel comfortable week 1 if Beatty isn't ready to go.


I liked the way Jernigan competed at WR in this game. Had a couple of good catches, made some moves on a long reception.


Ijomo was all over the place in the 2nd half. Not sure if it was a function of complete ineptitude of the Jets' O-line, because a lot of D-linemen looked good, but he was all up in the Jets' backfield. It will be interesting to see what he does tomorrow night. If he builds on last week, it will make things interesting.


Kuhn continues to impress, he is a big, strong, powerful dude. A good WGWHM (White Guy With High Motor).


A player I haven't talked about but who has a great story and I loved the way he looked was LB Jake Muasau. He was heady, quick to the ball, really played well. He's a very long shot to make this team, but I hope he catches on somewhere, if not our PS. He can play.


Hosley should be our punt returner.


Andre Brown has moved WAY ahead of Da'Rel Scott for the 4th RB position (if there is one). Brown ran very well a couple of times, even if the box score doesn't show it.


Scott on the other hand, got Carr crushed by a linebacker when it appeared he made a "business decision" on the replay and just let the LB go right by him. That was the big sack in the second half that Carr had no chance on. That was Scott's pickup, and he completely failed to do his job. He followed that up with a carry for a loss, when he had the hole and didn't trust it, cut back inside and was stuffed. If he just hit the hole that was right there in front of him, he would have had a nice gain. Lack of vision, and too indecisive. Scott is going to get cut unless he makes huge strides.


Broha and Craig Marshall both made plays in the backfield. Neither of them will make the team, but they both can be proud of their play. Second week in a row for Broha getting at least a sack.


Wk 3 should be fun, starters will play the longest, and a quality opponent. Really looking forward to seeing our defense against their 1's. The Bears finally have receivers, and more balance with the addition of Bush. With no JPP, it's not going to be exactly the same, but it will be very encouraging if we play well against Cutler and crew.

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I think we'll learn alot from tonight's game simply because the first team is going to play two full quarters and we'll probably get a peak into TC's mind when we see who's in and out of the lineup. Can't wait.


Saw this on another site and had to post it:



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