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  1. I like the Vikings & Dolphins uniforms, they seem to hold or bring back some of the classic looks from the franchise. The Jagaurs uni's seem bizarre.
  2. Any picture is better then seeing him getting punked and dunked.
  3. I was hoping Brown would get the start & Bradshaw get sprinked in
  4. I think were all about to find out if Austin got what it takes, heres him shot to show he belongs.
  5. I thought the oline did good job pass blocking for Eli, I believe they got a few hits but no sacks.
  6. I guess all catch it at 1am. Sounds worth a watch
  7. Jackson: I dont know why I cant grow hair on the front of my chin. Maclin: Yeah it looks like you stuck ass hair on your face
  8. Its good place for obscure Giants info and well.....I guess thats it. The offseason is dead over there.
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