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Congratulations to that horrible NFL team that had no business in the playoffs. Congratulations to that same horrible team to keep on winning games they should not have and beating teams that belong in the super bowl.


These NY fucking Giants did not stop at all for four quarters. They played for each other and for the fans that never gave up hope.

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The Giants bringing joy to the hearts of players/fans of the Egals/Jests (dying of envy); Broke Backs (trying to stay relevant); Falcs (who?); Pack and 69'ers (wow did you feel the Earth move with all of those jumping onto then off the bandwagon); and Boston Belicheats (can't beat the Giants when it counts) . :F-U:big%20F-U.gif:F-U:big%20F-U.gif:F-U:big%20F-U.gif:flex::giants::flex::giants::flex::giants::TU::):TU::):TU::)

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