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Antonio Pierce


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We all know he was no HOFer. But man did he have a presence on the field. Always walking around the line of scrimmage as the huddle broke. On television you can hear him making adjustments as the opposing offense was making calls. Big hitter. Always vocal. I also remember alot of people here talkin a lot, i mean a lot of shit about him. Man should the ones unnamed feel stupid.


On another note shut you fuckin whinning fucking mouths about Tuck. He is hurt. Period. He shouldnt even be on the fuckin field and all some can say is that there disapointed in him. Pathetic. Your the fans that give any football fan, let alone Giants fans a bad name.

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I miss him too. I'll never forget the play vs Green Bay... the guy is being blocked by two fucking O-linemen and he reaches out and makes a one-armed tackle on the RB. That play alone may have won us the game (no matter how badly Tynes tried to lose it for us).


But at the end, Pierce had clearly lost a step... and it's not like he had a step to lose athletically.


I hope to God we get at least one NFL-caliber linebacker this offseason.

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Speaking of which... who will be available and who can we get?


I like D'Quell Jackson but he gets hurt a lot.


Kirk Morrison should be available and is a serviceable linebacker.


I LOVE Stephen Tulloch in Detroit. He'd look good in New York.

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