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Tuck Sucks


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He is clearly our 4th best DE maybe even 5th this season. Hes looked nothing like himself and yet our front 4 is still nasty. However if Tuck makes it to even 90% by the playoffs then we should be golden. tucks a huge factor and element in our D. JPP has stepped it the fuck up to a whole nother level and Osi is Osi , Kiwi looking fresh out there as well.

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What's JPPs do you know? I think Osi ran a 4.73 also




40 - 4.78


here's something interesting i found on the site:


Negatives…Not a self-motivated player, looking confused and lethargic, at times…Relies mostly on speed and power rather than techniques, which causes him to get dominated by the more technical blockers…Tries to get “too cute” with blockers with his speed moves, but gets frustrated when his initial strike doesn’t work, getting his mind-set out of the game when that happens...Has problems disengaging from blockers when ridden upright off the snap...Lacks recognition skills for the physical in-line run defense...Will bite on fakes and is fooled by the blocker’s hand punches...His inability to maintain position vs. the run could limit him to only situational duties at the pro level.


LOL, wow. somebody is right on the money!!!


My link



Jason Pierre-Paul School: South Florida Position: Defensive End Height: 6-6. Weight: 265.


Projected 40-Time: 4.70 (or 4.64 depending on which site)....

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