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Mara and Tisch on top


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They only rank by net income and to us real fans, it isn't something to brag about. Imagine going to a giants game for 5 bucks nose bleed ticket. Parking pass is 5 bucks rather than the $30 you pay or $50 from eBay.


The only reason you have teams like lions , raiders, browns or bengles rank so low. Cuz they made some bad signing and fans aren't paying that 5 dollars to see their teams loose.


Also, being in a bug market like NYC helps.

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Part of the calculation of that comes from the fact that we've won a Super Bowl in the last five years, and the fact that the team has had on field success, as well, when you consider the worst year they've had in recent memory has been 8-8. The article states that win percentage over the last 5 years was part of the calculation.


But the new stadium was funded through the Jets and Giants and I don't believe they used any public funds, which IMO is how it should be. The PSL's were pretty terrible but I'm sure the tab to build the stadium was pretty bad as well.


All in all, I don't have any hate for Mara and Tisch. I'm glad we have the owners we do and not someone like Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder.

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