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Did the Yankees intentionally Screw the Sux??


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i was looking at the score board and notice how the Yanks use their pitching.. i couldn't help but LMAO!!!


letting the Rays coming back from 6 down with 2 inning to go?? really?? hahahaha BrillianT!!!!


what's your take?? you agree with that or did the Ray actually earn it??.. like i said, i didn't watch the full game..


Think the Yanks have an easier time with the Rays or Sux??

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The Yankees did what any other team would have done in their position. They earned the right to play whoever they wanted and rest whoever they want. Theyre trying to win a championship, not a few meaningless games.


They didnt throw the series on purpose, but they certainly werent trying to win..if that makes sense. They put out formidible line ups each game.


Its not the Yankees responsibilty to take care of things for any team.



Ah, who am I kidding, they totally threw the series. and I loved every minute of it.

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That's what happens when you only have one day of rest for the playoffs.


The fact that the end of both games was about 3 minutes made it even better. It's like the Yanks were waiting to see what the Red Sox were going to do and then dropped the hammer. Of course you can't control a game like that, but it certainly played out that way.

"We have to go into extra inning until the Red Sox game is over."


"The Sox lost? Ok let's finish this game and go home."


I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

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we'll see how this plays out if they get past the tigers and meet the rays.

the Yankees spanked the Rays in the previous series..one where both the Yankees and Rays had a lot at stake.


If they meet in the ALCS, expect a Yankee ass whooping of epic proportion.


JK..but the yankees should handle them...matt moore scares the shit out of me though.

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I know that Boston believed the Yanks were throwing games to stick it up their ass, but I don't believe it. Professional ball players do not roll over simply because they can't. Like telling Ted Williams to go up there and strike out for the good of the team. Would never happen.


Managerial decisions on the other hand......ummm, maybe.


Regardless.....bye, bye Boston. Enjoy watching the playoffs from your living rooms. :F-U:

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