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Official ***Fuck Jimmy Johnson**** Thread

so-cal dub

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I'm certainly no Johnson fan...........not by any stretch of the imagination. But give the guy his due. He raced a clean race and did a superb job of driving. If his car is illegal, it'll be caught. If it isn't....then suck it up and tip your hat to the man who won the big one.

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I was at work so had to listen to the race on the radio, last thing I heard was "and Biffle spins around the track" Then I promptly walked out cursing. :angry:


Yeah....doesn't it suck when the driver you root for crashes??? Being the Ryan Newman fan that I am, I end up cursing about half the races. He crashes more than he finishes. If he would just drive with the attitude of working to protect his car, he'd be a perenial Nextel Cup Champion. Hell....he works his way towards the top of the points board even when he doesn't finish half the races he's in. Anyway....I feel your pain - not because of Biffle crashing - but because I know the feeling! :angry:

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