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David Diehl on ESPN radio right now.


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Diehl: everyone into conditioning after hearing all week about Haynesworth (lol)


The players have a bad taste in their mouths after not making the postseason, and it starts in camp.


He doesn't expect to be handed the starting LT job, he has to earn it. They're trying to shake things up and move things around. Deihl has showed up in the best shape he's been in so far in his career.


His versatility got him drafted, but he's been a LT the past three years. He'll play wherever they put him, but he feels he's the best LT on the team. He's focusing on being the starting LT.


On Sheridan vs. Fewell - Fewell is shaking up the defense, and he's a "fresh start." He's creating competition, on the D-line, LBs... there is no job security. The players are excited about the new system.


On Jacobs/Bradshaw - they both had surgeries. The fact they played through injuries is a sign of their toughness. They may be taking heat, but Diehl is excited about how they look in camp. They both have the mentality of "they're gonna prove people wrong."


On Brett Favre - Diehl is kind of surprised at the news he might retire; thought he'd come in during the final few preseason games. It's good for the Giants since they play the Vikings. The Vikes go from a guy who can do a lot to maybe having some holes in their game plan, and they may suffer from a lack of leadership by losing a 19-yr veteran.


On the division - (vs. Dallas) on paper, they look like the world champion. On paper doesn't mean anything. They beat 'em twice last year... and nobody is talking about the Giants, even in NY. They prefer it that way... they wanna fly under the radar.

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