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My Two and a Half Cents on Rounds 1,2, and 3


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I absolutely love what the Giants have done so far. Maybe I'm the eternal optimist with Big Blue, but this is my take.


The Giants glory days have always been built around defense, not the other way around. When Coughlin came to NY, he said his goal was to "own the trenches" and "take back the defensive line". It's been his signature trademark since taking over the team. He left some of us scratching our heads when he drafted Kiwi even though we already had the top DE's in the NFL and there would be no place for him to play with Osi and Tuck entrenched in the system. In hindsight, Kiwi has been a positive addition and we'd have been screwed without him.


Secondly, he is addressing our defensive backfield...even though, a lot of people think we should be taking a MLB because it's a high need (which I agree), but any player after McClain (not even Weathespoon) is a project that won't be ready for a couple of years and may never be better than the guys we have in there now. And I agree with Coughlin and Reese that a big part of our LB'er play has been the disintegration of our D-line and a big part of it was the injuries and decline of one of my favorite players, Robbins. Joseph addresses that problem and may even be an upgrade in short time.


I think Pierre-Paul will help re-establish the Giants' identity as a pass rushing nightmare for opposing teams. By rotating 4 refreshed pass rushing DE's, the opposing QB's will be going crazy trying to stay in a pocket that breaks down after 1.4 seconds.


All in all....I really like the way the Giants are drafting. They are grabbing "value" players and focusing on defense...which in my ever so humble opinion, is what makes winning football teams.




Rounds 4-7......I will be happy if the Giants simply pick up some highly athletic projects. My gut tells me it's this point in the draft that we select our annual small school prospect. Maybe someone like Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, a gifted CB who'd be a first round pick if he played at a big school...or maybe someone like OT Tony Washington, another guy who would be a lot higher on the board if he had the exposure of a big school.


Regardless....after the first 3 rounds, everything is a roll of the dice and a stretch and you win some and lose some. I'll only be upset if they burn their 4th pick on another QB. I can see them taking a RB with their 4th or definitely Bruce Campbell if there is a chance (highly doubtful) he will still be on the board. But you never know....I couldn't believe Manningham was still on the board at the end of round 3 a couple of years ago, but there he was and the Giants scarfed him up.


As far as MLB goes, I think Reese has a trade in mind and will be picking up a veteran.

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And wtf is Bruce Campbell gonna do? Toss some boomstick at them?


he is a beast I would of liked the Giants to take him in the 4th but that damn Al davis must of got a hold of Rees's blackberry

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he is a beast I would of liked the Giants to take him in the 4th but that damn Al davis must of got a hold of Rees's blackberry


I make joke.... :rolleyes:


Not an Evil Dead fan I presume.

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Does anyone else see a pattern here...1) defense 2) defense 3) defense 4) defense


Could we actually see a 7 for 7 defense draft? That wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit.


I'm hearing good things about Dillard....hope he lives up to the billing that they're hyping on him on the NFL Network.

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