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Guys you hope are still left with our pick


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Brandon Spikes - I doubt he'll still be there when we pick, but I'd love to see him in blue. Plays with a chip on his shoulder and I think is legitimately pissed about falling out of the first round.


Sergio Kindle - I'd be thrilled if this guy was still on the board. He was considered a top-20 pick a few weeks ago... I have no idea why he slid. Pass rushing skills would further bolster our attack.


Bruce Campbell - "groovy" player once had an issue with his hand getting possessed and breaking plates on his head, but replaced that hand with a chainsaw. Now he mauls undead players in the pit.


Taylor Mays - hey, I know we've got a ton of safeties now, but that didn't stop us from drafting a DE, right? Mays is tough and physical and may actually be a nice Safety/LB hybrid.


Carlos Dunlap - still lots of tread on the tires.



Those are mine. Who would you guys like to see?

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I don't think we get Lee unless we trade up. Some mocks had him going in the last few picks of the 1st.


Though with lots of good QBs on the board we have a chance of him sliding past a lot of the team picking ahead of us. Vikings, Bucs, Browns, Dolphins, hell maybe even the Raiders will all be looking hard at Clausen and Colt McCoy. I fear Denver will grab Lee right before we pick.

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