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The Beginning of the End


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There is some poetic justice here


It also signals the demolishing of this Giants regime and 80% of the loafers who slept through the last season and still cashed their checks


IT also signals the rise of the Jets as the new NY "team to watch"


The Jets are doing all the things we need to do to re-load and prosper......it will take a couple more bogus seasons for the crotchety old Giants mangement to gets the message, and summons a new Coaching staff.


This is a sad turn of events for a team headed into the new stadium


Also why in the hexx did the Jets not build their own Stadium and why in the Fuxx does this one not have a retractable dome


You want to play in the snow............leave the roof open and, at least, you offer the option............also zipped up we could host the SB and maybe even the eventual College Championship game when the toots that run College football finally get their heads out of their axxes <_<

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