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Will Montero be Traded?


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The Yankees always have something up their sleeve and I think I know what it is.


With Bruney, they got the number one overall pick in tomorrow's "Rule 5 Draft". Bryce Harper is a monster of a guy who also plays catcher and he is unprotected.


I wouldn't be a bit surprised if tomorrow morning we find out that we have Harper in the fold, and with that pickup, Montero will be used for bait.


I still think that the Yanks will land Halladay and probably by giving up Hughes, Montero and maybe Melky. If we hadn't given up AJax for Granderson, he'd also be in the mix.


Since Montero is better suited to play first base than a catcher, and with Texeira set for the next few years holding down the corner....I just think that the Yanks will definitely part with Montero.


Here's a site that shows a mock draft by the list of teams that will be picking tomorrow. They show the Nats as having the first pick, but that belongs to the Yanks now....who also have the last pick.


Rule 5 Mock Draft

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Since we signed Pettitte, I see no reason to trade Montero. He's not a major league ready catcher now, but from I read, he's improving both defensively and his throwing out runners. Let's not make the same mistake the old Cardinals made in turning down Yogi because he was a pretty pathetic catcher at that stage.

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