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Offseason Trades and Free Agent activities picking up


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I see the Yanks have traded away Bruney to the Nats for the first pick in the Rule 5 draft this Thursday. That could land a really decent player.


There's lots of chatter going on about the Yanks wanting Granderson including a 3-way trade with Arizona and Detroit. According to the deal, it sounds awful in which the Yanks give up Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy and lefties Phil Coke and Mike Dunn. I can't see Cashman giving up their top OF prospect along with Kennedy and Coke. But I can certainly see why the other teams would like the deal.


Man I hope they don't do that trade. If the Yanks are going to make a play for Halladay, they can't afford to give up AJ, Kennedy, and Coke....it would deplete their farm system (except for Montero) and Toronto is going to want at the very least, Montero and Joba or Hughes along with AJ and probably then some.


Yanks are also trying to get DeRosa which would be a good pickup for them. I suspect they will also try to sign the National's closer, Mike MacDougal which would be a good signing as a setup man for Rivera. I would like that signing.


Other than that, I don't see the Yankees doing that much as they really want to sign Petite and I suspect Damon.

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Well, I'll tell ya, picking up Grandy would make Damon obsolete in a hurry. I don't know if he's a smart a player as Damon, or as clutch, but that short porch in right will draw him headlines. Plus, Damon's defensive skill have been crap lately. I hate to give up Ajax, though. Call me sentimental, but I'd like to see our players come up from down under. Kennedy I'm not sure about. We can live without Coke, and I'd pay someone to take Dunn.

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thats a good trade for the yankees...phil coke sucks, so does mike dunn. Do you think Austin Jackson will be as good or better than Granderson? I dont.


And Mike McDougal is awful, giving relif pitchers(that arent top notch closers) contracts is retarded.

I think Coke is a keeper myself. I know he has some off moments, but I've also seen him shut down the side too many times to not know that there's something there. And there just isn't that many lefties for us to pull up in special situations.


As far a AJ goes....I agree with you that he's probably more hype than up and coming superstar. If the Yankees get Halladay, I think AJ has to be a part of that deal....hence one of the reasons I don't want to see him gone yet. And I don't trust Granderson to be an improvement over Damon...apart from defense.


I also disagree with your opinion of McDougal. He has some nasty stuff. He might not become a front line closer to replace Mo someday, but he might make a great 8th inning stopper to get to Mo....especially if Hughes gets moved to the rotation.


For me....the perfect world would have us picking up Halladay and DeRosa, while resigning Petite, Damon, and giving Matsui a one-year contract as a DH. My gut tells me the Yanks are going to let Matsui walk though.


If we can't pull off the Halladay trade, I'd like to see the Yanks pick up Lackey.

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My paper's say Detroit wants Ajax and Hughes. Fuck em'!

No way the Yanks let Hughes go for an outfielder.


Cashman has made it clear that the priorities this offseason are:


1) Pitching

2) Pitching

3) Pitching

4) Left fielder


The only way Hughes is traded away is if Halladay comes over to pinstripes.

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So now that Granderson is a Yankee, I wonder what the brass is thinking about Damon....hmmmm. I hope they still sign him. I see Granderson taking over centerfield and platooning Melky and Gardner working left field.


With AJ gone now, the Yanks have less ammo to get Halladay...hmmm.


Oh well....I hope Granderson is a good fit in pinstripes. The upside is that he is 28 years old and has a long term contract that is pretty reasonable (like 5.5m a year til 2013) and he's an upstanding young man.

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