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Right on schedule....the Dallas meltdown begins....


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And holding up the Offenses side of the implosion is Roy Williams who apparently thinks he's still #1 even though Mr. Austin is Mr. Romo's new love interest.


C. Wagon


I have Austin in my fantasy league....he's gone cold on me, the bastard.

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I love the annual Dallas collapse. The faces change, but the game stays the same. :TU:


They were all so relieved when Parcells left, and haven't done jack shit since. I'm praying that Shanahan doesn't land there next year.

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as long as jones is there, he won't let any coach succeed.



Exactly...the fucker got drunk and fired Jimmy Johnson after he won back to back SB's because he was jealous Johnson would get the credit for building the team and taking it back form the toilet .....which is exactly what Johnson did.


C. Wagon.

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