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Trade options?


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The one glaring position to me seems to be safety, our coverage deep is poor; CC Brown may be adequate as a backup SS and special teamer, but he is a liability in coverage.


The the trade deadline just around the corner, I wouldn't mind Reese looking at viable trade options.

two guys I wouldn't mind making a play for are Michael Huff (Raiders) and Jarrad Page (Chiefs); but there are likely others as well


One thing is certain, our deep coverage could derail what could be a very good playoff run.


I know it would likely cost a draft pick, but we are pretty set at most positions



any thoughts?

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I live in ohio and am forced to watch browns games sometimes and i wouldn't mind seein them bring in billy cundiff for a tryout he was puttin kicks thru the endzone on kickoffs and was on with fg's while dawson was hurt. i just have 0 faith in tynes... not sayin trade for him but when he is free.. but with the horrible D this week tynes got a bye week from bitching

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From a Star Ledger article this morning: "After Sunday's performance, the Giants may work out free agent safeties. Coughlin also didn't rule out moving a corner-back to the safety position, saying, 'I sure would like to get our whole roster back' ".


Obviously, we all wish Phillips was coming back but that ship has sailed for this year. I assume he's talking about Ross returning, which would give them the depth needed to switch a corner to safety. What is clear is that they don't intend to sit tight. Whether they can get anything done, either through trade or signing somebody off the street who would be an upgrade - both unlikely - is questionable.....but if they don't make a move, it won't be for lack of trying.

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Lets get Larry Johnson!! Im telling you it'll be the best acquisition!! GET HIM GET HIM!!



Larry Johnson? The KC running back? Really? Why? :confused:


Our running backs are the least of our problems!


(and besides, the trade deadline has passed)

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