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The Notion Of A Clutch QB Doesn't Exist, Or Does It?


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Found this on another site and thought this was interesting.


From ESPN the Magazine....

Fairy tale endings..


What do Santa and clutch QBs have in common? They don't exist.


"Patriots fans had no Fear. Their team trailed Buffalo 24-13 with 5:32 left in the first Monday night game of 2009 and sure enough Brady led them from behind for the victory. It was just the latest example of how Brady raises his game when it matters most.


Or does he ? Patriots Nation might be surpirsed that Brady's passer rating in 2007 was 8.3 pts lower in the clutch (when the score was within 7 pts in the 4th qtr or OT - in fact in 2006 it was 21.8 pts lower and and 27.4 pts lower in 2005"


Now it's time to retire the myth of the clutch QB. We looked at it and there is no year to year correlation when the game is on the line. Good QBs are generally good QB's in the clutch - meaning their QB ratings stay relatively the same...bad QB's such as Kyle Orton remain bad QBs"


Of course there are exceptions to every rule and that exception is Manning. No, not Peyton - Eli. He's been the only active QB whose passer rating has been higher in the clutch for five straight seasons. The difference is very small in most of those seasons except last year when Eli was insanely clutch ( 132.6 rating vs. 86.4 rating overall). But , besides Eli Manning, clutch QB's don't exist.....

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