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Perhaps this gets overstated.

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But everytime the game is within reach near the end of the game, I am confident Eli will get us in position. Confident is a bit of an understatement, I know he will get us in popsition. The dallas game is a prime example, i was on the edge of my seat the entire time, when the O got the ball on the last drive, I was calm and relaxed, we've seen it time and again, Eli playing phenomenally to get us in position to win. i found myself wishing we were down by 4 because i trusted Eli to get the TD more than I trusted tynes to get the FG.



I saw a stat recently that showed the leaders in 4th quarter comebacks in the last few years, Ben was first with 16, and i think Peyton and Eli were tied for 22nd with 12. I'm not sure i believe that stat, seems to me i've read Eli had more than 12.

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Yeah I had the same feeling as well. I just knew he would get the job done.


I guess getting it done in the Super Bowl kind of attaches that kind of belief in people. Kinda like no one expects Mo to blow a save. I turned the TV off the other night where Ichiro got the HR to wake up shocked.

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