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Tampa Bay won't crowd the Box


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After seeing the Dallas game its highly unlikely there gonna use lots of resources

stopping the Giants run. They may go 8 men in the box here and there but this game

is starting to shape up like the Giants may be able to get the running on track with

more balance. My take on Tampa is they seem to have lost there identity.


anyway another hot game weather wise!

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The cowboys brought 8 in the box quite a bit last night.. even 9 in the box at least once. That is why the passing game was working, they made a concise effort to make eli and the receivers win the game not the Running backs. I do not think Tampa will try that same approach, but I would be shocked if they do not load up often

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I'm still amazed we scored 33 Points against Dallas, even with our shitty redzone efficiency. Tampa's getting raped.


Who would've thought two weeks into the season we'd be talking about our passing game not our running game..

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