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Go Jays.

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Top of the AL East!


I know theres a hundred million more games to go but I'm trying to catch all the games I can and so far enjoying the top of the East...even though theres a sinking feeling coming up.


I respect that. It's a new season and the best time to start a commitment to baseball. With each series, each team you face, you get to meet 25 more players of the baseball universe. It really is quite brilliant that you get to know the hitters and pitchers in baseball. I wish you luck. Not gonna lie, I picked Orioles for fourth and Jays for last. Prove me wrong.

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See every time I tune into a game the Jays seem to win. Still top of the East even though theres what? 120 more games to go or something? lol


I should try catching every single Jays game but my stupid satellite company seems to have a man crush with the Yankees..there always on.

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