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I said this somewhere else, NFL Total Access was talking about it after we made our three signings. They basically said we were heavily in the running for Hanyesworth and we going to offer him something like 65 million but then the Redskins had a brain fart and threw 100 million at the guy. So then we basically had around 65 million to play around with that we were going to use anyways and we ended up singing our three, Boley, Bernard and Canty.


I like what we used our money for more.

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Michael Smith is the biggest dope on ESPN. I am not sure how in the world he holds down that job, but has he ever been right?


I dont think he's that bad. I can't really recall definate times that he was wrong, but I haven't really payed attention. My point was, he was being interviewed, but he and the whole cast agreed that the Giants appear to be an unstoppable force.

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Historically, the team who gets the best player in free agency usually does ok. No doubt haynseworth will bolster that attack.


Of course the Redskins have been a model in incompetence so they could break the mold.

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