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Houshmandzadeh visits Minnesota

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Free agent wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh is visiting the Minnesota Vikings.


Houshmandzadeh was scheduled to arrive in Minnesota on Saturday to meet with team officials. He just made a trip to Seattle to check out the Seahawks, and the Bengals have an offer on the table to keep him in Cincinnati.


In a relatively weak market for receivers, Houshmandzadeh is the prize at his position. His statistics fell last season, to 904 yards and four touchdowns receiving. The year before, Houshmandzadeh had career highs with 1,143 yards and 12 TDs.


The Vikings gave big bucks to receiver Bernard Berrian last year, but their passing game still needs an upgrade. Quarterback Sage Rosenfels was acquired in a trade this week.

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Houshmandzadeh to visit Giants?

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, the top receiver on the free agent market, said last week that he told his agent to contact the Giants on his behalf. But did the conversation result in an invitation for a visit?


Maybe. According to a report in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Houshmandzadeh “might” be visiting the Giants. The report says that a visit has not been confirmed.


And I can confirm that I’m unable to confirm it.


Houshmandzadeh, who doesn’t appear to be as in-demand as he expected, visited Seattle yesterday but left without a deal. He’s due in to Minnesota tonight and will stay until tomorrow morning.


If he’s going to visit the Giants it would presumably have to happen tomorrow afternoon because Houshmandzadeh has said several times he expects to have a contract signed by tomorrow night. Based on that alone, I’m skeptical that he will actually be visiting the Giants. But again, I can only confirm that I can’t confirm what is unconfirmed in the Enquirer report.


By the way, that report also said that Houshmandzadeh has an offer on the table from the Bengals, too. That part does appear to be confirmed.



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