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What is up with Dale Jr?

Plax 4 Prez

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I can't understand it. I had so much hope for him this year.

Alot of people thought once he was under the guidance of Hendrick and guys like Gordon,Johnson. He was going to stop being a self absorbed asshole who has no passion for the sport (which he doesn't) he raced well last year even making the chase and being one of the darkhorses to win the championship, but he started reverting back to that juvenille lets sell mtn dew and budweiser i give a fuck attitude, he will not be in Hendrick past this year

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Unfortunately for him, in the Sprint/Nextel/Winston cup, you have to have talent, can't just get by on having the best cars daddy can buy like in the Busch series.


You guys are haters :P

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I don't hate Junior, not like I hate Jimmy Johnson, I just think it's time to realize he ain't got it.

the tell all would to place him in the 48 and jimmy in the 88 if both teams do a 180 that would answer all questions.

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