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Mannings' sibling rivalry takes no break for Pro Bowl

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Mannings' sibling rivalry takes no break for Pro Bowl

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KO OLINA, HAWAII -- The low-key atmosphere of Pro Bowl week can't contain the Manning brothers' sibling rivalry.


Brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, in their first all-star appearance together, joined Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski and Panthers tackle Jordan Gross coaching a group of 30 kids from Special Olympics Hawaii in a half-hour Wednesday punt, pass and kick competition following their respective AFC and NFC morning practices.


Turns out the "coaches'' engaged in some competitive moments against each other as well.


With each competition, "coach Peyton,'' "coach Eli,'' or "coach Jordan'' and "coach Gostkowski'' were called on by the public address announcer to demonstrate the required skill for their team.


Younger brother Eli not only out-punted Colts quarterback Peyton Manning by 10 yards in booming a 45-yarder, he wound up and heaved a 65-yard deep pass (10 yards further than big brother's effort) that flew the fence and carried into the bushes behind the makeshift practice field adjoining the players' on Oahu's west shore.


Peyton bowed his head in shame after Eli out-punted him.


That's okay. The Giants quarterback also out-punted Gostkowski by a couple of yards.


And Gross fired a 55-yard pass that nearly went over the fence on one bounce.


When several team mascots took the field to entertain the kids, including the Houston Texans' bull, Toro,' Peyton put his own spin on things and fired a couple of laser passes at Toro' as he stood 20 yards downfield.


"Hey kids, Peyton said if you hit Toro with a pass, he'll buy you dinner,'' the public address announcer said.


Medals were awarded to the best performers in each division by the four Pro Bowlers.


The all-star game is moving to Miami next season after a 29-year run in Hawaii. The NFL has said it will consider keeping the 50th state in the rotation for future Pro Bowls.


Ryan Ujumori, 38, who lives across from Aloha Stadium where Sunday's Pro Bowl game will be played, brought his sons, Ryson, 4, and Bostan, 2, dressed in blue-and-white Colts jerseys with Peyton Manning's No. 18.


"You could see between Peyton and Eli, they still have that sibling rivalry even in something like this event,'' Ujumori says. "We're pretty sad not only for fans, but for the state of Hawaii that this could be the final Pro Bowl here.''


Said Peyton Manning: "The kids are great. Special Olympics is something my dad, (former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning) supported for a long time in New Orleans. It's fun to be here with Eli, Jordan and Stephen. And it's a life-lasting memory for these kids.''

-- Jim Corbett



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i liked the jared qb sneaks


though i dont think it would have worked continually, when he went on the field everybody knew it was gonna be a qb sneak.



plus he just wasnt a no.2 qb

We can add some pitch-back plays for Jacobs (he's GOT TO be able to catch those!), and then Gross could be a pull-block. A former LT that can throw 55 yards gives you some options!

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the dog can only assume there was no wind on the island that day...


The Burnthephilfans wants to know if you treat Donovan the same way. He has shown fairly often that he misses wide open wr's for potentialy big plays (usually throwing short or low to them). Does he get a free pass though because he played better than Eli in the playoff game this year? I'm sure you support him nonetheless though and have some excuse for him. After all he is a non-giant quarterback and we all know you have nothing but pleasantries for any non giant player but only criticisim for Giants personnel.

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