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Dont look now....

so-cal dub

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I'll take statement as positive one for now, being the season hasn't even started yet. When we get to October, I'll take offense... :(

I'm hoping he performs well enough to get them to make it to the WS where they can lose to the Mets...

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how many times do I have to point out that A-Rod is a career 310 post season hitter. He absolutey killed the Yankees in 2000 when he was on the Mariners(even though the Mariners lost, it wasnt his fault, he batted 410 in that series with 2 home runs, 3 doubles and 6 RBI's) and he single handedly beat the Minnesota Twins in 2004 ALDS. He also put up staggering offesnvie numbers in games 1-5 in the 2004 ALCS. As a matter of fact, the only time he didnt hit well in October was last year, and that can be said for every single Yankee not named Jason Giambi or Robinson Cano. The numbers dont lie, the guy is a machine reg season and post season.

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