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Favorite Tuck Quotes


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"Let me ask you a question - say I was boxing, and I had a belt around my waist, and I was going into a fight defending it; wouldn't I try to knock that guy out?" Justin Tuck Justin Tuck said. "I think if anything, being in that Super Bowl, and tasting how it feels to hold that trophy up, makes you want to go back more than it did before you got there. You didn't know what it felt like. Now you know what it feels like. You want to feel it again."

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"DEPLETED?! They still had a bunch of probowlers out there!"


You had to love his "are you shitting me look" he gave to Pam Oliver. That also had to be the stupidest question yet this season. Of course, as pointed out before in other threads, Cowboy nation was already lining up the excuses before this game even began.

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OK, here's one I like:


Tuck was asked what he likes best about this team.


"How much we understand how far we gotta go. We're nowhere close to where we need to be," he said. "We're not really tasting that Kool-Aid anymore. Obviously, before that Cleveland game, I think we were."
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