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  1. Update got 2 tixs and a parking pass from the bartender's friend at work. SECTION 240 ROW 2 30 YARD LINE $350. Will be partying around the old 13A now its something different. Between the race track and GateB. Anyone and everyone going we going to ROCK THE HOUSE TOMORROW. LETS GO G-MEN. ADAM CALDWELL '
  2. Hey everyone, I don't post here often but I am always on reading the topics and posts. Me and my brother would love to go to the game this Sunday. I understand this is a big game and I'm willing to pay a fair price but cannot afford 300+ per ticket. I live in Caldwell NJ and can pick up the tickets anywhere. These would be going to two huge lifelong Giants fans who have been to over 50+ games each. If anyone wants to privately reply my email is ltthedog@hotmail.com. If you have extras I would gladly pay a reasonable price and would love to meet you to tailgate. Thanks. Adam
  3. Wow we are loaded. A beast of a D to maybe unbelievable heights. Candy, Bernard, Robbins, Cofield, Osi, Kiwi wow I'm thinking 2000 Ravens style Sam Addams and the Goose were so ready bring in Boldin and we are there
  4. Didn't Spagnola sign one of the biggest contracts for DC's in the offseason? Jacobs will probably be franchised but I'd love to resign Webster he is becoming a lock down corner. Our secondary is so vastly improved over last year
  5. While Dallas has injuries you can't blame them all for their losses. The Giants had huge injuries last year; Jacobs, Smith, Ward, Buress hurt all season(but playing), Pierce, Kiwanuka, Shockey and still soldiered through to the SB
  6. Brett Favre.. may take some risks but gets his shit together when it's crunch time in the 4th quarter. He's not going to have the highest completion rates, he will throw a lot of t.d.'s and int. but his winning percentage will be high.
  7. This is the first positive thing I've ever heard the Fab 4 say although it still was a backhanded compliment.
  8. Tim Couch blows. Hassleback is a fine back up.
  9. Yankees will finish with somewhere in the neighborhood of 95 wins. The Mets, unless Phily and the Braves get hot (I'm thinking Philly actually) could win their division with 90 wins. National league is not as strong as last year and the American league is stronger.
  10. Man but to just go on and on about the same stupidity Let me tell the Fab 4 what we all know 1. Eli has to improve his completion percentage 2. Burress needs to stop taking off plays and sometimes games 3. We know u hate all University of Miami players (prob. because somehow you went to an even worse school) 4. We know you hate EA and all of his stupid picks and FA aquisitions(Osi, Shockey, Burress, Diehl, Eli, Pierce, :brooding: ) I know truly awful 5. Willie Joseph we know you hate him he could turn into Sapp and you would still hate him 6. Coughlin and his awful game planning. So we know all of this stop talking about it.
  11. Well U guys certainly think you know a whole lot about football. Are you guys even Giants fans. Good job analyzing the draft before any of these players have even stepped on the field. I don't know why u guys spew the hatred that you do. Shockey is on his way towards a HOF career for a tight end yet you bash him constantly. The guy plays through injuries every year and plays his heart out every game. I root for teams even though I may not like every player on the team but come on. Your shtick is getting old. Eli had a great season for his first full season starting (compare his numbers to Carson Palmers first season starting) Go root for another fuckin team if all you can do is bash the current players, front office, coach etc.
  12. Wouldn't mind seeing this at all. He has good hands him and Toomer could alternate between #2 and #3 and hopefully catch about 100-110 balls between them for 1100-1200 yards. Also be good for games when Plax doesn't feel like playing.
  13. Fuck the Fab 4. All they try to do is grab attention. I don't know how you can be a fan of a team and truly hate the players on it. My only team that happened with was the Knicks. I gaurantee that if Eli has a huge year next year you all will be on his cock. Same thing with the other players.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. WTF? They are the most over the cap yet they sign Randle El? hu
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