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A cool thing I've noticed tailgating at the stadium


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Due to the injuries from last year and the incredible depth on this team... there are dozens upon dozens of different jersies on display at the stadium every Sunday.


Of course you have your Strahans and Mannings. You have your Umenyioras and Burresses. But you'll also see a smattering of Kevin Boss jersies. Hey, there's an Ahmad Bradshaw one. Wow, Steve Smith HAS a jersey for sale? Nice Kiwanuka jersey! Shit, I saw a Madison Hedgecock one last time I was there... and I was gonna get one custom made for me this Christmas.


The coolest one there tho? #42... "Champions" jersey. :D


Of course, in the ENTIRE stadium... there was only one RED Kenny Phillips jersey... and I had it. It had to be the only one there... unless someone ELSE took an old Barber jerz and sewed Phillips' name overtop of it. :TU:

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