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First-Round Pick Gerrit Cole Opts for College Over Yankees


By Tyler Kepner


When the Yankees drafted pitcher Gerrit Cole in the first round of the June draft, they believed that Cole would sign with them and forego a college scholarship. It turns out that Cole has changed his mind and will go to U.C.L.A. instead.


According to a person involved in the negotiations, the Yankees have learned that Cole intends to go to college, no matter what they offer. The person was granted anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly before Friday’s deadline for teams to sign drafted players.


Cole is represented by the agent Scott Boras, who is known for asking for lucrative bonuses. But the Yankees have reached deals with first-round Boras clients the last two seasons, and the person said the failure to sign Cole had nothing to do with him.


Instead, Cole and his father had a change of heart and decided to go to college rather than negotiate with the Yankees.


“It was not a negotiating issue,” the person said. “It was not a number issue.”


The Yankees will receive a compensatory pick in next year’s draft for failing to sign Cole, a right-hander from Orange Lutheran (Calif.) High School who throws 98 miles an hour with a hard slider and changeup.


Cole grew up rooting for the Yankees, and even attended the 2001 World Series in Arizona, hanging out in the lobby of the Yankees’ hotel and gawking at the players. But with a chance to become a Yankee less than seven years later, Cole has chosen college instead.


I am speechless really. This sets our minor league pitching prospects back a year. What is it with this damn team? Jesus really does hate Yankees.

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Wow, a first round pick being in high school is getting rarer and rarer these days. That really sucks, but at least the Yankees will get the same pick and position next year as compensation.

they may lose that pick when they sign CC

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ya i'm not sure what happens if they sign two grade a free agents like CC and manny or tex.


Well I am not 100% sure if the Yankees will lose two picks. They might lose one first rounder to the Brewers and then the Brewers also get a compensatory pick but who knows if they sign more than one grade A FA.

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If Jesus hates the Yankees, he utterly loathes the other 29 teams.


Please.... stop your whining. 4 WS in 12 years, playoffs every year since 95. :P So what if they do not make it this year, its been a wonderful run.

I kind of grateful the Yankees won't make the playoffs this year, for fuck sakes the last time they weren't in I was 8. I'm 22 now.

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