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New York Giants - Top 10 Plays of the 2007 Season


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There were some plays that could've been put in there in place of some others.


1. Osi's Hat Trick in the SF game. (Sack, Forced Fumble, Touchdown)

2. Burress' Touchdown in the Jets game

3. Alford's Annihilation of Tom Brady

4. Toomer's sideline catch in the NFC Championship

5. Boss' catch in the Super Bowl

6. Manning to Tyree Touchdown in the Super Bowl (incredible pass)

7. Corey Webster's INT in the Buffalo game

8. Jacobs' long TD run in the Buffalo game

9. James Butler's (Yes I named Butler) INT in the Detroit game

10. Toomer's TD catch in the Chicago game

11. Strahan's Team-Record-Breaking sack in the Eagles game

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What about Corey Webster's pick of Brett Favre to give us the field position to come away with the game?? He read that perfect, sure it was a bad throw but still.


Hopefully the last pass Brett Favre ever throws.

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