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It was supposed to be the last summary this year.........


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I would just like to point out that I can clearly remember only 3 posters coming out and being confident we would win, that's me, Blunatic and Nemesis. The rest of you are scared nancy boys and not true believers. Us 3 are now known as the "REAL GIANTS FANS". If you can prove to me that you said otherwise, then by all means prove it and you too can be a RGF. Screw the Elitists, this is the new group to be in!.


Damn it's so good to be a Giants fan.


Today, we're going to hear all sorts of shit, Romo sucked so that's why we won, he shouldn't have gone to Mexico, Terry Glenn was hurt, all sorts of nonsense apart from the truth. We went in there and handled them. 3 points in the second half with one of our starting corners getting hurt and a practice squad player in there. TO and Glenn caught nothing in the second half. I don't wanna hear any of this shit. The Giants played the way they should in the 2nd game this year.


First off, major props to Eli yesterday, nothing spectacular just efficient and on the money with the passes when it counted. The running game again was stifled early on but he never panicked. You hope, you just hope, that he's turning the corner,please let it be so.One thing I would love for us to do on offense in to maintain momentum. Here's why. We start from inside the 10 and with a mix of Bradshaw's running and a nice short passing game, Eli moves us out to midfield. Then comes the drive killer which is a major flaw in Gilbride's playcalling all year, the launch!. On 1st and ten, Eli throws a bomb, mind you it was a dead on throw, but clearly Plax doesn't have the speed to get to it (although watching him run past 2 Dallas backs on the route was admirable enough). Then we don't pick up the 1st down. Dallas score 14 points in a row, when we had the chance to at least be up by 2 scores. I feel Jacobs didn't run hard enough again yesterday and Bradshaw did much better with less carries. To me, Bradshaw is going to have a bigger role next week, in fact he has to. Our 2 rookies Boss and Smith had nice clutch catches yesterday and Smith could have sealed Moss's fate yesterday to be honest. Boss better get some blocking practice in the off season because his blocking is shit. Amani, once again, just huge, he's playing with a determination he never seemed to show before. The offensive line is doing yeomans work out there, Eli has a great pocket to work with. Every game Kareem McKenzie is good for one yawner and hopefully it won't get Eli killed, that's simply lack of focus.


Barber was killing us, The linebackers were clearly getting picked up too early and easily and Barber was having a field day once he got past the line of scrimmage. 2 things happened, one, the corners and safeties started blasting him low and if you look closely, Barber started to go around them as opposed to taking them on, and that's where he has less success. Secondly, you cannot take away the fact that even though Strahan was having a hard time getting through Columbo, he became a monster on run defense and nearly all of his tackles were him taking down barber. So now barber has a harder time going inside and outside, in effect, we've shut down the run game. Osi needs to spend more time learning to play the run like Strahan, because once Osi is blocked on pass rush, he's pretty much done. But much props to the defensive line overall because they never gave up and frustrated the o-line into penalties and dumb moves. (How dumb was that tackle by Leonard Davis?). The days of getting to the QB and knocking him down anyway, harken back to the good ole days when we used to do it for fun, and it really does work. If we get early to Favre next week, we could have that game early because Favre can become a dumb fuck when he gets hit. Mitchell and Pierce played much better as the game went on, and I believe Mitchell stopped Barber on that touchdown.


Is it just me but are we really better off with Gibril/Butler as opposed to Dahl/ Johnson. Seriously, I know Dahl is hurt, but I can't see any disadvantage in Michael Johnson playing right now. Major kudos to Aaron Ross, who was clearly hurt and yet blew up Barber like that. The guy has had a great year but now he could be done. webster has gone from doghouse to having big games against TO and Galloway, go figure. What do you do with McQuarters?. I mean he's a one good play, one bad play guy, he was pure shit in coverage, he lets another punt inside the 5, yet makes the last int and has his biggest runback of the season :confused:.


Special teams is overlooked all season but they've been very good, coverage is great, with Hixon we have a good runback man and Feagles is money and even Tynes didn't fuck up yesterday. Considering how shit they were the last few years, it's surprising how few props they get.


Well, it's now clear that Tom is with us for another 3 years at least and you can't take it from him. He's done a good job the last few weeks especially, but you have to wonder what he does without Spagnolo, who if he keeps this up won't be with us for long. Coughlin is so much better away from home because he's clearly more focused. Plus the disclipline right now is phenonimal. And no turnovers in 2 games?. You can't ask for much better than that.


It's such a nice time to be a G-men fan, the memory of getting stomped by Carolina is almost gone.


mark it down: What do you get if you're the New York Giants and you go to Wisconsin next Sunday? A victory. :rock:


The road show continues......


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For the record I put money down on a Giants victory. Talk is cheap.


A great team win and a decent game from our defensive front against the best OLine in football. We need these guys to play BIG in Lambeau as we are susceptible to big plays and the GB receivers are the best at gaining YACs. They'll shred us unless Favre is on his back half the game. Let's all pray for decent footing.

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I said from the moment we beat Tampa, I was glad we were facing Dallas and I liked our chances there.




Is that not confident enough?




I would also like to admit that I was completely wrong about Aaron Ross after the draft.

He has been much better than I expected.

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Do I even need to go back and show you that I said we would win? Wait, lets make it easier, when do I EVER say we'll lose? :P


I can go back and get proof if ya need, but c'mon, lets be real. You know I said we would win.



I don't trust you, I think you're a liar. Hell, with a BigBlue name how do I not know you're not a Bills fan?

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In McQuarter's defense, although I agree he runs hot and cold, he played that punt right, it sailed past the 10. It just stopped on a dime.


We were saying the same thing where I watched it. That same punt 8 times out of ten will bounce right into the endzone. He played it right.

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