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Burress to Barber


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Burress to Barber: Don't Worry About No. 10, Worry About No. 17

Posted Jan 4th 2008 10:44PM by Ryan Wilson

Filed under: Buccaneers, NY Giants, NFC East, NFC South



Earlier this week, the New York Post spoke with Ronde Barber, Buccaneers cornerback, brother to Tiki, and the Giants wild-card opponent this weekend. Barber made some mostly innocuous comments about Giants quarterback Eli Manning, complimented the former first-round pick on his improved game, but qualified it by saying: "He can be had, we know that." Harmless enough. I mean, you can say that about all but two NFL quarterbacks, I'd think. Well, Giants wideout Plaxico Burress has some advice for Ronde:



"I don't think he needs to worry about No. 10," Burress told the Daily News on Thursday. "He needs to worry about No.17."...


"For me, I love it," Burress said. "Ronde says (Manning) is inconsistent and hasn't played well of late? When we get down there on Sunday, we'll see how good he really plays. It's going to be warm, it's going to be nice, and we're going to throw the ball around a little bit and make some plays."

So there you go. Burress and Manning plan on playing catch all day long. To be fair, it's hard to criticize either side. Barber thinks the Bucs defense can force Manning into mistakes; Burress feels like the Giants have the offensive weapons to win. Or one weapon, at least: Burress. Last year against the Bucs, Burress went for 86 yards on seven catches, often with Barber in coverage. And then there's this, from the 2006 season:

Barber ought to worry about No. 27. Forget No. 17, all Burress can do is make you look silly on an acrobatic end-zone grab; Jacobs can put you in the hospital.

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